Working with companies can be fun! Sometimes it can be popcorn and other times it’s a watch. Incorporating their products into your brand is a win-win for everyone. Believing in your promotion is a key aspect of success and future assignments.

Seasonal Menus

With the growth in popularity of using local farmers and other local products like honey and spices there are more and more chefs interested in changing their menus with each new season. These restaurants sometimes like to invite local bloggers to stop by and taste their new recipes to help inspire others to come visit.

Dinner Pairings

Sushi + Beer, Cheese + Beer, Beer + anything really is a great idea for a dinner party. These are all fun reasons for friends to gather over good quality food and craft beer. Let’s have more pairings like this shall we?

Charlotte Food Bloggers

Being a member of a local food blogger team makes me feel even more connected to our local restaurants. Having a group of people to meet with on a regular basis around town at different locations is something I always look forward to.

Craft Beer

My favorite style of craft beer is an IPA. We all have flavors and styles we gravitate towards and with over 40 breweries in the greater Charlotte area there is a craft beer for just about any picky palate.

Waxhaw Eats

Having recently moved to the town of Waxhaw into a log cabin, this experience has humbled me in many ways. Learning to live with less, actively make plans with friends since you are outside of the city, appreciate the silence in the woods and lack of close neighbors, and remembering what you need from the … Read More