eat at co

It’s exactly what “CO” stands for, Vietnamese for “feast”. I had the pleasure a few months ago to sit down and taste several items off their menu before their grand opening. Owner Greg Bauer is super passionate about his brand, which has locations in Charleston, Savannah and Myrtle Beach. The interior design is stunningly impressive with a fanned out wood design extending to the ceiling from the bar in the center.


The noodle dishes, sushi, wok noodles, appetizers and cocktails are all inspired by Greg’s trips around the world. I’ll leave these photos here for you to decide on your own. You can’t go wrong with any of these I have featured. I promise!

Pressed sushi is something new to me. The rice used is a bit sweeter and is packed into wooden boxes to form, and layered fish/rice/fish. There are only two options, the Salmon being my favorite. I think it’s the little lemon wedges on top :)


Appetizers like curry shrimp, crispy edamame rolls, spinach and water chestnut dumplings are all fresh and a perfect set up to your noodle or wok entree.


Pad Thai has been my go-to wok entree at least 5 times now, it’s balanced and not too peanutty…not a huge fan of peanuts in my food. It comes with chicken and shrimp so you don’t have to choose! Their Banh-Mi korean beef with kimchi wasn’t at the top of my list but no doubt nice to have options other than noodles. Lastly the Curry Laksa. WOW. Savory, spicy, creamy. It is incredible and literally enough for two people. But I suggest keeping it all to yourself, it’s super delicious.


And duh, dessert. I like that they only have one choice for dessert. Little cheesecake wontons with a lemon anglaise and chocolate sauce. Not too much, and not too little. These guys are the best finisher, and just $5!


Swing by Park Road Shopping Center and have a taste of your own.

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