evoke | spring

I was lucky enough to be invited to a private dinner event to taste Evoke’s new Spring Menu. The group of us food writers and bloggers really know how to drink wine, we had to have gone through 20 bottles of wine. Some of us even had champagne! The dining room was set up for about 25 of us around a long rectangle white marble table. With a mirrored wall and modern decor, it felt like a super fancy last supper…except it was with complete strangers. My photographer friend Nicholas Bossi had an amazing time, check out his website!

Executive Chef Oscar La Fuenta introduce himself and a bit about his past and current projects. He is a man that demands attention in any room. His charisma and friendliness I thought was incredible and uncharacteristic of most chef’s I’ve met. Which is perhaps why he is so successful? I know all chef’s aren’t like Gordon Ramsey, or even as friendly as Curtis Stone…so it’s always a joy to meet people who you can genuinely see their passion coming out of them when they speak.

Chef Robert Reinken was also very open and available for anything we might want to know. After each course he made sure that we were satisfied and answered all questions. Some words no one knew how to pronounce or even what they meant! Like Ndjua…what the heck is it?! ‘Nduja by the way, is a particularly spicy, spreadable pork salame from Italy. It is typically made with parts of the pig such as the shoulder and belly, as well as tripe, roasted peppers and a mixture of spices.

Let’s get down to the food shall we? Here are the 5 courses and their descriptions…

Crisp Pork Belly | asparagus, morels, pickled ramp salsa verde


Sweet Onion Bisque | sourdough, parmesan, egg yolk, black truffle


Yellowfin Tuna Crudo | baralo pickled onions, caperberries, celery heart, smoked olive oil


Mint Pappardelle | braised lamb, fava beans, morels, ricotta salata


Pork Tenderloin | ndjua, parsnip puree, romanesco, violet-fruit mustard


Located in the hotel Le Meridien in uptown Charlotte, you’re greeted with a comfy lounge & bar area. Make a reservation today and enjoy.

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