cafe monte

If there was only one type of restaurant that could exist in the world, I would choose a bistro style setting. I love the casual, yet fancy, feel. Usually a bright colored ambiance, patio seating, the smell of coffee in the air. You can fill up on pastries or full dinner courses. Bistro’s have a bit of everything, for everyone.

In SouthPark, nestled in a shopping center in a corner spot you’ll find Cafe Monte. A french inspired atmosphere and menu. Wicker style patio seats among palm trees welcome you to the front door. Inside there are bright yellow walls and a bar that lines the side wall, complete with glass pastry cabinet. Menu items such as crepes, omelettes, quiches, cafe mochas and lattes. I mainly love this restaurant for their Sunday Brunch, or breakfast in general. I’d much rather eat a large breakfast than a large dinner.

The friendly service and consistent food quality has kept me coming back for the past several years. Maybe I’ll see you there one Sunday?!



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