joe’s doughs

Opened just a couple weeks ago in a white brick building shared with Abari Game Bar on North Davidson on the way into NoDa. Known primarily from their pop-up shops at local breweries and coffee chops. Their popularity lead to this awesome space designed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

I never had the time to make it to one of their events. One because they were early in the morning and I usually worked at the office on Saturday. I’m sure there were so many others that couldn’t make it that are also just as excited for them to have a storefront! Their hours have yet to be defined and that’s alright. I go into NoDa often and can stop by on my way.

I’ve only seen the gorgeous photos taken by friends on Instagram that really had me worked up about going to their media event held just before the grand opening. Hanging out with other social media guru’s and supporting each other’s passions over donuts is pretty much the best day ever. I was so happy in the moment of complimentary donuts and Prosecco. These first 3 were my top favorite.


Maple Bacon | Candied Lemon | Goat Cheese Strawberry Balsamic


Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly | Peanut Butter S’mores

I’m not much for filled donuts so I didn’t taste these two. I only heard people raving about how delicious and sweet they were. I love PB&J sandwiches so I think I’d love the flavors and I love s’mores too so maybe next time!

Rainbow Sprinkles


Vanilla Bean | Cinnamon Sugar | Sea Salt Caramel

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