fahrenheit brunch

Brunch at it’s finest hour is early Sunday morning at Fahrenheit. You simply can’t beat Captain Crunch Pancakes and the best balcony view of the Charlotte skyline. I am incredibly proud of this photo and even more impressed with the menu Chef Rocco Whalen and team has created.


I rarely dine at fancy restaurants so Fahrenheit was never on my radar. Once they started to offer a Sunday Brunch menu I was sold. Brunch is a perfect opportunity for you to test out a new restaurant and their style of menu, and typically cheaper.

For my birthday last year I chose a brunch get together instead of dinner. I’ve always had birthday dinners and wanted to try something different.

The staff at Fahrenheit was absolutely amazing, they even comped my meal!



Brioche French Toast | Birddog Peach Whiskey Marinated Figs, Ricotta, Pistachios, Maple Syrup. It’s pilled high, so be sure to come hungry. All of their entrees are large!


Fried Biscuit Doughnuts | Cardamom, Brown Sugar, Cloister Honey. I never knew what I was missing until I tasted those dense sugary delights.


Baklava Mule | Mystic Bourbon, Frangelica, Lime, Honey, Fever Tree Ginger Beer. Baklava is my favorite pastry so I knew I would love this cocktail!


Maybe I’ll come back for another brunch date before I commit to dinner plans!

Check them out on social media! Facebook | Instagram | Web

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