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I was honored to be invited once again to Evoke Charlotte’s new seasonal menu tasting. My first was their spring menu which you can read about here. A couple weeks ago I attended their Fall Menu Preview.


Surrounded by fellow food bloggers chatting about other new restaurant menus, and a few Moscow Mule’s later, we finally sat around a white marble table big enough to seat fourteen. All 8 of us took full advantage of the additional space. Laying out our menu’s, Mule’s, glasses of wine, water and appetizer bread.

We were all a bit taken back by the dip served alongside the bread. We had to ask the chef once he came in to see us because no one had tasted anything like this before. It was a White Pesto. Think regular pesto but with out the basil.



Duck Confit | Frisee, Persimmon, Brioche, Pomegranate Reduction
Marinated Baby Beets | Kale, Blood Orange, Pickled Fennel, Almonds, Ricotta Salata

I really enjoyed the baby beets. Beets any which way are good to me. Roasted, boiled, pickled, you name it. Even Beet Burgers, which are pretty hard to find.



Chestnut Garganelli | Brussels Sprouts, Smoked Pancetta, Calamansi Lemon
Scallops | Butternut Squash, Parsnip, Crispy Sprouts, Apple, Brown Butter Vinaigrette
Duck Breast | Farrotto, Swiss Chard, Chanterelles, Huckleberry Agrodolce

The chestnut garganelli was super unique. Nutty pasta is a new concept to me. It was hearty and textured just like regular pasta except maybe a bit more firm. The earthiness paired really well with the smoked pancetta and was brightened with the lemon. My overall favorite dish of the night (besides dessert of course).



Gingerbread Cake | Riesling Poached Pear, Toffee Sauce, Vanilla Bean Gelato
Manjari Chocolate Cremeux | Chocolate Genoise, Salted Caramel, Malted Cookie Crunch

Since there was a small group of us in attendance the chef decided to make us feel special by letting us tryΒ two desserts. The gingerbread cake was outstanding, the outer layer caramelized in toffee sauce. Absolutely heavenly!


Have a look at other photos and reviews on Instagram under #evokefall

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