five fav burgers

Burgers. Everyone has their favorite way to dress a burger. Do you put chili & slaw on yours or are you more of a ketchup & mustard kind of person. Or do you go wild and put fried pickles or pimento cheese on yours? No matter how you do it, for those of us who love burgers, will be satisfied with them in just about style even at it’s most basic. Except maybe veggie, for me, I’ve never been a big fan of veggie or black bean burgers. Perhaps I haven’t tried a good one yet?

I like my burgers in a variety of different styles. I don’t mind the basic cheeseburger when I’m in the mood for something quick and simple. And I don’t mind it when they are decked out with fried pickles or bacon jam. I’ve narrowed down my top 5 burgers and would like to share them with you.

Let’s start with one that I’ve eaten the most.


5 Buck Chuck |ย The Flipside Cafe

Amy’s Pimento Cheese + Bacon Jam + Shredded Lettuce

Some of you might recognize the name of the owners Amy & Jon Fortes from the Charlotte Restaurant scene. They have their own Flipside Restaurant Group. The Flipside Cafe in Fort Mill , The Flipside Restaurant in Rock Hill, and just a few weeks ago opened Corner Grind in Pineville. The menu is small, full of unique options that are not only approachable but affordable.


The Working Man’s Burger | The Workman’s Friend

House Ground Beef + Kerrygold Cheddar + Hand Cut Chips + Bacon

Dark wood bar with candle-lit tables sets the tone just right in this Irish pub, located at the corner of Central Ave & Thomas St. The Workman’s Friend menu is stellar, it ranges from Chicken Liver Pate and Vegan Curry to Pickled Okra and Crispy Skin Salmon, even daily features. Thursday night is Irish night, $5 Irish beer, $4 Irish whiskey.


Simple Plain Burger | The Liberty

Lettuce + Tomato + Mayo + Pickle + Bacon + Brioche Bun

Located in SouthEnd, The Liberty has been a Charlotte neighborhood favorite since 2009. They’ve claimed the “best burger” in Charlotte title for several years now, I agree. Offering up a classic menu of and fully stocked bar with local breweries on tap. If you didn’t know, their sister restaurant Lumiere was launched in 2014. I have yet to go but I hear it’s fabulous.


The Zack’s Special | Zack’s Hamburgers

Ketchup + Mustard + Onions + Pickles + Special Sauce

Established in 1975 this little drive-in just off South Blvdย meets all of your hometown burger feels. With old Coca-Cola signage and Charlotte newspaper clippings takes you back to the 80’s. Simple, quick, good burger & fries joint. Don’t forget the chocolate shake! You’ll have to let it sit for a minute because it’s THICK.


Cheeseburger | Park Road Soda Shoppe

American Cheese + Lettuce + Tomato + Onion + Pickle + Mayo

Party like it’s 1999 because that’s when this Soda Shoppe opened their doors at Park Road Shopping Center. The huge hand-pattied burgers are flavorful and juicy. Served alongside are my favorite kind of fry, crinkle fries. This is the kind of place that asks you everything you want on your burger, down to the condiments, so be sure to say everything you want. Get a chocolate shake or banana split and you’ll feel 6 years old again.

Hope you all have enjoyed my short list of burgers. There are of course other fantastic burgers out there, these just happen to be my top 5 favorite ones in Charlotte. Have suggestions for me, let me know! So much to eat, so little time.


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