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It’s that time again for a flood of new seasonal menu’s to taste and promote. I was graciously invited to attend Evoke’s new Spring Menu tasting, for the third time! Joined by other food blogger friends and magazine representatives we were all immediately asked what we would like to drink. The other two tastings I’ve attended, the staff was attentive and friendly. They make sure your drink and water glasses are full and that you always have a clean fork. This time was no exception. It is a fantastic place to dine.

Evoke is located off of McDowell in the lobby of Le Meridian hotel. Their goal is to offer chic, new-age menu items that focus heavily on house-made pasta, dry-aged steaks and fresh crudo to set your palette soaring with new flavors to taste.


Their new Chef de Cuisine, Rodrigo Velazco, came into the dining room to speak with us before the tasting began. He is charismatic, passionate, humble and serious all wrapped in one chef’s coat. Coming from a life in Venezuela, he has experience and commitment to sourcing locally so that he can show his roots on the plate in the revamped spring menu launch. You won’t catch him without his two golden spoons!

6 Course Menu Tasting


Yellowfin Tuna | sea beans, saffron pickled fennel, arugula, crispy onion, lemon oil


Burrata Salad | heirloom peeled tomato, brioche crisp, black olive vinaigrette, basil


Lobster & Sweetbreads | peas, mint, lemon, tarragon jus vinaigrette


Pimenton Rigatoni | braised rabbit, fava beans, morels, mint gremolada


Sturgeon | white asparagus, fennel, pearl onions, grapes, di vitello jus


Corn Cheesecake | burbon mousse, rosemary, blueberry

As a parting gift they had four different sea salts to choose from – Porcini, Smoke, Chipotle, Lava. Each was paired with their own miniature golden spoon like what Rodrigo carries around.  It was the perfect touch!

Pictured | Jess @sliceofjess Check out her awesome home-made recipes!

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