reign charlotte

Reign Restaurant & Lounge has been open for about a month. Their menu focuses heavily on Asian cuisines from Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. With a slight contemporary spin on some authentic dishes they remain respectful to the roots of each. Debuting their menu to a group of us at a soft opening, we were all taken by surprise when … More reign charlotte


I had an amazing opportunity a couple weeks ago with my fellow food friends of CLT Food Bloggers. We were given the chance to learn how to make our own pizzas! Tavolo, located in uptown Charlotte at the corner of 6th and College, is an Italian restaurant focusing on fresh, local ingredients that fit right in … More tavolo

o-ku pop-up

I’ve been to clothing pop-ups but never food pop-ups! When I heard of this event, I just had to be there. Two of my favorite things combined into one event, sushi + beer! O-Ku Charlotte teamed up with Unknown Brewing for an exclusive 5 course dinner pairing. Specialty sushi + craft beer brewed for this event made … More o-ku pop-up

be improper

Most of you have seen on our local Charlotte social media sites that Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives visited us this past week. Guy Fieri took some time to meet up some of the Queen City’s favorite spots, Bang Bang Burgers, JJ’s Red Hots and The Improper Pig. This episode of Triple D is appropriately named “Beef, Lamb … More be improper

made to last tattoo

Made to Last Tattoo is Charlotte’s newest hot spot for quality tattoos. The new staff has an incredible amount of talent to offer the Queen City, whether you are interested in getting your first tattoo or you’re itching for that ninth one, like me. That’s one of the many great reasons to have several different … More made to last tattoo

foxcroft wine co

Foxcroft Wine Company has been around since 2004. With 12 years under their belt, they grew into a second location in 2015. The original location is off of Fairview Road not far from where I grew up. I remember visiting Foxcroft Shopping Center for Ben & Jerry’s icecream every Sunday with my father, and on … More foxcroft wine co

five fav burgers

Burgers. Everyone has their favorite way to dress a burger. Do you put chili & slaw on yours or are you more of a ketchup & mustard kind of person. Or do you go wild and put fried pickles or pimento cheese on yours? No matter how you do it, for those of us who … More five fav burgers

green brothers juice

Drink up, life’s worth it! That’s the slogan behind Green Brothers Juice. Granted you can take that to mean to drink anything liquid… like coffee, champagne, protein shakes, water, milkshakes or whatever you want really. But, we’re talking about fruits and veggies here people, so that’s where I’m going with this. And no, their last name … More green brothers juice

lenny boy brewing

Lenny Boy is about much more than brewing beer. They have a passion to promote a healthy lifestyle so along with their traditional beers, they offer “wild” ales and kombucha. It’s a great way to stay hydrated while drinking alcohol right?! Some facts to brag about, they are the only certified organic kombucha producer in … More lenny boy brewing