beer & cheese pairing

Forget wine and cheese, pass me the beer and cheese!

I’m not much of a wine drinker. The ladies of Charlotte Food Bloggers seem to like beer as much as I do so all of us were pumped to experience a BEER and cheese pairing. Wine and cheese is old news anyway right? We are in the fastest growing craft beer scene in the nation after all.

CFB partnered up with The Unknown Brewing, Orrman’s Cheese Shop and a couple other local restaurants for a 5 course dinner pairing. The ticketed event was held in Unknown’s taproom. Owner, Brad Shell, gave us a tour about halfway through our tastings to mix things up a bit. If you’ve never been on a brewery tour with Brad, please do so as soon as possible. He is quite enjoyable to watch when he gets excited about the brew process. Hops like to make babies, that is all (ha!).

This wasn’t the first pairing event Unknown has been a part of. They hosted a sushi and beer pairing with O-Ku, see my story here.

All of the bites were put on display at the community table in the taproom. Flatbreads from Craft Growler Shop around the corner, boneless chicken wings from Duckworth’s down the street, homemade mango salsa, bacon wrapped dates, chocolate brownies and five different cheeses. My sweet tooth was thankful for the brownies among all of the savory plates!

When you’re with a group of food bloggers this is what you can expect…

Depending on how many of us there are, we can spend up to thirty minutes staging and photographing the food.

It’s a team effort too. Everyone is willing to hold up their iPhone flashlights or ring-light adapters to give just the right amount of light for that perfect photo. We are also patient with each other. Knowing that we are all here for the same reason, to take your turn, and not to worry about the food getting cold. Yes, we care about that too but…

Whether food blogging is your job or a just a hobby, documenting the food and supporting these local companies is what comes first. It’s why we do what we do. Food brings people together.

Beer, Cheese and Accoutrements

Ginger Wheat | Landaff | Mango Salsa
Pre Game Pale Ale | Flory’s Truckle | Flatbreads
Over the Edge IPA | Barren Country Blue | Buffalo Chicken Bites
Dirty Commie Heathen Russian Imperial Stout | Fourme d’Ambert | Brownies
Raisin the Roof Belgian Quad | Toggenberger | Bacon Wrapped Dates

A big thank you to Ashley, LeAndra, Brad, Scott, the other members of Charlotte Food Bloggers and our local vendors for a wonderful evening. Now, I will always suggest beer with my cheese instead of wine. Cheers y’all!

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