dilworth tasting room

Meet the new face of an old Dilworth neighborhood favorite.

Keeping true to the original structure and character of the longtime neighborhood pub of 35 years, Dilworth Billiards, you can tell the moment you walk through the front door that it has been upgraded into a beautiful and spacious new gathering place.

Owner Jaffer Kovic, and his father Hase, remodeled almost every inch of the interior. What you will notice first is the two large red leather couches facing one another, a long mustard yellow leather bench wrapping the street facing wall of tables and another huge black couch along the side wall. Secondly, you’ll see a gorgeous bar lining the back wall that is back-lit with vertical rows upon rows of wine bottles.

Kovic has extensive knowledge in the wine industry as an advanced sommelier. He also understands exactly what it means when a new venture just feels right. By chance, he and his family drove by a “For Lease” sign posted in front of Dilworth Billiards. Owner of the building, Eric Sprouse, was pleased to enter a leasing agreement with Kovic and is excited about what he has done with the space, keeping it as open and welcoming as it was before.


The Decor | The bar is custom made by Kovich’s father Hase, mahogany wood with handcrafted copper accents as well as the columns and wine racks. An exposed brick wall is adorned with empty square picture frames. Soft round light fixtures hang and fill the 2,800 square foot room. You will also find some artwork created by Kovich’s young daughter. A warm and comfortable atmosphere with a knowledgeable staff creates for a great night of learning and indulging.


The Food | Created by Ivana Bekavac to compliment the wine and beer menu, simple and elegant, and approachable.Heavy on superior quality meat and cheese, small bites and snacks like mixed nuts and burrata, four styles of bruschetta, three panini options and a plethora of combinations to choose from to create your own charcuterie spread. Keep an eye out for new additions as their supply will change on a regular basis.
My recommendations would be the Roasted Grape Bruchetta and the Burrata with Basil Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes.


The Drinks | As written on Kovic’s business card “In every empty wine bottle is a story.” the drink menu was designed with you in mind. A craft beer list twenty-nine deep from around the world, fourteen white wines and twenty-four reds, plus a handful of champagne and sparkling wines. The staff is unbelievably knowledgeable and asks the right questions to help you find a wine that suits you when undecided.
I was graciously assisted by our waitress to find my favorite of the evening. She gave me three different wine samples so she could learn my taste. We found that Four Vines “Naked” Chardonnay from Santa Barbara County, CA 2015 was a winner.


The Patio | The original koi pond still exists. Lush trees and flowers surround private bistro table nooks with brick walkways leading to each around the pond. String lighting and paper lanterns shine above. This patio is the ultimate date spot.

Swing by Dilworth Tasting Room as soon as possible for a girls night, date night, quick drink and a light snack. You could also make a night of it with your family or coworkers visiting Charlotte, show them something new.

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foxcroft wine co

Foxcroft Wine Company has been around since 2004. With 12 years under their belt, they grew into a second location in 2015.

The original location is off of Fairview Road not far from where I grew up. I remember visiting Foxcroft Shopping Center for Ben & Jerry’s icecream every Sunday with my father, and on birthdays, and on whichever day I just had to have a scoop.

Their second is in a sweet corner spot off of East Blvd, drive by and you’ll see the string lighting on their patio.

I don’t consider myself a wine drinker, mainly because I don’t know a lot about wine. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a glass or two of a red, white or some bubbly.

I always envision myself as that woman you see in a murder-mystery TV show. She comes home after a long day at work to her uptown condo, takes off her heels, puts on some music and pours herself a glass of wine. I have done this maybe twice in my life, but not in my uptown condo. If I had an uptown condo I feel I would do this more often.

When I feel like being fancy, or when my friends invite me, I will come along and sip some wine at a wine bar. It doesn’t happen often, but I always enjoy myself.

Wine Bar & Retail Shop

A temperature-controlled preservation system allows you to try wine without committing to an entire bottle (yet). Super neat to see wine taps where you’d normally see beer taps. Guess I go to too many breweries to know that this is actually normal for winos? Did I use that word (or even spell that) right? I’m stepping outside my comfort zone here folks, just go with it.

They try to offer as many styles of wine that they can fit into their bar and retail space. In case you were curious, yes, there is a craft beer selection.

Oh and there is also bubbly on tap too! How can I get this installed in my fridge like this girl here? The most legit life-hack ever.

Small Plates

Their menu of small plates feature daily specials as well as some usual favorites you would see in a tapas style restaurant. Made from scratch every day you can be sure the quality and freshness is always present.

I was lucky enough to have the Chef’s Selection Bruschetta of the day last time I visited. It was a flavorful blend of carrots, olive oil and spices. It was something I had never had before and I was intrigued. I have eaten the traditional tomato bruschetta mostly and is usually what I expect when I ordered. To my surprise, there were no tomatoes and no basil. It inspired me to think outside the box on what bruschetta is meant to be. I’m curious to see what other unique styles they come up with.


You can also find flat breads on the menu as well as the ever so popular truffle fries. It seems almost every restaurant in Charlotte (or any big city around the world) has their own version of these two menu items. I am certainly not complaining, there is no such saying as “all truffle fries are the same”. I would recommend trying theirs :)

Be ready for some House Smoked nuts, Chef’s Selection Charcuterie boards, Caramelized Brussel Sprouts, Donuts & even Chocolates! Even though they are considered small plates,  you can definitely have a balanced meal here, and it will even include dessert.



If you’d like to swing by and say hello, they are open Monday though Saturday 10am-11pm.

You can learn more about their concept here, it’s a pretty interesting read. From music to wine – go figure!