bad daddy’s burger bar

Established in 2007, Bad Daddy’s Burger bar has remained a favorite among us burger lovers here in Charlotte. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cheeseburger, a unique burger like the Pittsburger or if you want to create your own there is something for everyone.

Bad Daddy’s also offers a full gluten-free menu as well as locally inspired ingredients for each city. While we are not in Pittsburgh, I’m quite pleased to see a burger with fries on top. I never lived in Pittsburgh but I visited Erie, PA often. When I first learned it was standard to put french fries on basically anything you wanted I thought it was strange, until I tried it. Now I find myself wanting them on salads, and now, this burger. It was amazing.



They have a few local beers on tap from Birdsong, OMB, Triple C and NoDa brewing. If you feel like beer would be too much alongside this massive burger they have wine cocktails. If you have eaten wisely perhaps you can go for one of their milkshakes. I will certainly be trying the PB&J shake next time.

Image courtesy of Bad Daddy’s

Since opening ten years ago, they now have a successful twenty restaurants under their bulging belts in North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado and Oklahoma in late August. Stop in and say hi, and get that Pittsburger!!!

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